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Stalag 13: A Hogan's Heroes Fan Community

Germans come through the door—Americans come through the floor.

Stalag 13
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A fan community for the TV series "Hogan's Heroes".
Welcome to Stalag 13!

This prison camp fan community is dedicated to the classic television series "Hogan's Heroes". Anything related to the series and its stars is welcome here: discussion, reviews, icons, fanart, and of course fanfiction. (Please try to keep the content/rating more or less in line with that of the show itself, though; we'd like to keep this a friendly place for all viewers. Thank you.)

If you have any questions or comments, you can leave a reply at the comment post. You may also address them to your friendly Kommandant, jordannamorgan.

Have fun... and don't try to escape!

General Posting Guidelines

* As with any community, be respectful and courteous to other members. If you have any problems with someone, please bring the issue to the moderator.

* You must ask the moderator's permission before promoting/advertising another community (on LiveJournal or elsewhere), even if it is related to HH. Any such posts that are made without permission will be deleted.

Fanfiction Posting Guidelines

This community welcomes stories that celebrate the humor, adventure, and camaraderie of HH--in short, stories that can be enjoyed by any fan, whatever their personal beliefs. Please respect our policies and the comfort of other members by observing the following rules.

* Please do not post slash fanfiction in this community. If you have slash stories elsewhere, you may direct members who are interested in them to visit the site you have them archived at.

* When posting your fanfiction, please copy the following header and paste it at the beginning of your post. Replace the italicized instructions with your story's information.

Title: (the title of your story)
Author: (your name or username; also include your email here if desired)
Rating/Warnings: (story rating; warnings for violence, character death, etc.)
Characters: (primary characters featured)
Summary: (a short description of the story)
Disclaimer: (credit to CBS/Bing Crosby Productions, etc.)
Notes: (optional; any other information you want to share)

* The header should be posted above any LJ-cuts, but the body of your story must be placed under a cut. (If you don't know how to do this, read the FAQ here.)

Image/Media Posting Guidelines

We all love pictures and screencaps here--but keep in mind that many members read community posts on their friendlists. To prevent people from experiencing page clutter and slow loading, please follow these rules of courtesy.

* If you have several images to share at once, post them in a single batch (a "picspam" post). Try not to put up more than one picspam post per day.

* If you are posting a number of images, only one picture may be placed above an LJ-cut, and it should be no larger than 400 pixels wide. (Whether above or under a cut, it's always a good idea to use a thumbnail to link to large images.)

* All Youtube/multimedia embeds should be placed under an LJ-cut.

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